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The concept of the KAOSS Pad is brilliantly simple – as you move your finger around the pad you are controlling many sophisticated aspects of a powerful effects processor. Move your finger left to right and you control certain aspects of the sound. Move it up and down and you control other parameters. Make an arc and you bring in even more changes. All you need to do is glide across or tap on the pad to make evocative changes to your mix, producing a level of complexity that would be impossible to achieve with any other system or controller.

Effect Variations: 13 types (Pitch shift, Distortion, Filter, Wah, Tremolo, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Pan, Gate, Phaser, Ring modulator, Sample / Play [Forward, Reverse, Time stretch, Loop time modulation])
Number of Programs: 60
Inputs: LINE IN (stereo RCA pin jack) / PHONO IN (stereo RCA pin jack) /MIC IN (phone jack)
Output: LINE OUT (stereo RCA pin jack), Headphones (Stereo mini jack, Headphones volume)
Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
AD/DA Conversion: 18 bit linear
Power Supply / Ground: DC12V (AC adapter), ground terminal (for phono)
Dimensions: 203(W) x 174(D) x 59(H) mm, 8.0"(W) x 6.6"(D) x 2.3"(H),(including knobs)
Weight: 800g / 1.8lbs
Accessories: AC adapter(DC12V/700mA), Protection sheet for X-Y pad

The KAOSS Mixer features two-channel inputs, with each channel able to accept both line and phono inputs. You can integrate turntables, CD players, Minidisk players or even musical instruments into your setup and switch between them with ease. Channel 1 also includes a mic input for use with the built-in KAOSS Pad, and, for the utmost in flexibility, the mic can be used as a talkback source whenever you need without running into the channel.

Each channel offers source selection, a 3-band EQ, and an input trim control with a Peak indicator. Headphone or Booth monitoring can be switched easily from each channel and the Master output which makes cueing source material simple. A 12-step LED indicator gives you an instant visual reading of your signal level, and both Master and Booth outputs are provided for connection in any club and stage setup. The KAOSS Mixer also features an ultra-sensitive crossfader with three crossfade curves which ensures great feel, whether you’re simply mixing between sources or a scratching battle jock!

A special feature of the KAOSS Mixer is Korg’s proprietary Ultra Boost technology, which can add extra low end that’s powerful, but won’t distort your speaker system. Add just the right amount of this bottom-shaking enhancement to make a real impact on your audience.

In addition to a master delay effect, you get a built-in effects processor with eleven types of effects, that can be switched on/off for each part. The eleven types include basic effects such as Reverb and Flanger/Chorus, as well as unique effects like Decimator, Isolator, and Resonant Filter. Effect parameters can be edited using the knobs, and knob movements can be used as part of the rhythm pattern in the form of a Motion Sequence. The sound processed by the effects can also be sampled again. The internal memory of the ELECTRIBE·S can hold 128 user patterns. Combine up to 256 patterns/steps to create a song, which can be stored in one of sixteen internal song memories.

When you're laying down your next big groove, you need the phattest, most aggressive analog synth sounds possible. Korg's new ELECTRIBE series uses the ultimate in analog modeling to give you the richest, most versatile analog-style sounds out there. And with unlimited realtime control of every sound parameter, you know your sound will be just that -- yours.

Build analog sounds by using the ELECTRIBE·A's waveform, filter and effect knobs. (2 VCO + 1 VCF) x 2 parts Create two-part sequenced phrases using the two analog modeling tone generators. Input external audio sources into the ELECTRIBE·A, process them with its resonant filter or effects knobs, and then sync them to your sequence. Modulate the oscillator using Ring Modulation, Sync,or Decimator.

Record filter or effect knob movements of the Synthesizer section in realtime using the "Motion sequence" function. Store a total of 256 (64 x 4 banks) phrases or patterns plus 16 songs consisting of multiple patterns.

Sync the ELECTRIBE·A to other MIDI devices using tap tempo or MIDI clock, or tap in the beat and sync to a turntable or other non-MIDI sound sources. Use the Tempo delay, chorus/flanger, and distortion effects to finesse your sounds and patterns. Control the ELECTRIBE·A from an external sequencer and use it as a MIDI expansion tone generator.

Program your own custom analog-style beat sounds by tweaking the ELECTRIBE·R's knobs. Tailor your own four percussion synthesizer parts, play in two audio inputs, or use the ELECTRIBE·R's four PCM cymbal/hi-hat sounds. Input two external audio sources and use the ELECTRIBE·R's synth parameters to process the sound. Input sequences into the ELECTRIBE·R and hear your results in realtime as you play the steps. Record Oscillator, amp or effect parameter knob movements in realtime using the "Motion sequence" function.

Store a total of 256 (64 x 4 banks) phrases or other patterns plus 16 songs consisting of multiple patterns, so all your beats are with you. Sync the ELECTRIBE·R to other MIDI devices using tap tempo or MIDI clock, or tap in the beat and sync to a turntable or other non-MIDI sound sources. Comes with Low boost and delay effects. Control the ELECTRIBE·R from an external sequencer or keyboard and it becomes a MIDI expansion tone generator.

With over 35 years of rhythm programming expertise , Korg has created the ultimate analog beat machine. Simply by tweaking the knobs on the ELECTRIBE·R, you have unlimited control over all the elements that make up the sounds - like pitch, modulation depth, waveform shape and much more. Drop these sounds into the built-in sequencer and you've got unique rhythms with your own creative signature. And with the ELECTRIBE·R, you can hear every change you make as it happens, allowing you to mold the groove on the fly.

The MS2000R is dressed in a retro teal blue body with rosewood side panels and is packed with other great features of the past, like a powerful built-in 16-band vocoder and an arpeggiator with six types of arpeggio patterns. The arpeggiator, Mod Sequencer and LFO's all sync to MIDI for ultra-cool rhythmic effects. The panel can be tilted for excellent visibility and easy operation.

The tone generator of the MS2000R uses a DSP-powered analog modeling system. The analog modeling system acclaimed on the KORG Prophecy, Z1, and Electribe series has been refined to produce an incredibly wide range of sounds. From sharply cutting to powerful and thick, all the awesome sonic power that can be produced only by DSP technology is packed into a compact keyboard or module. All major sound parameters are arranged on the front panel, allowing you the total freedom of manipulating knobs and switches in real time.

The ELECTRIBE M is packed with 144 drum waves including vintage kicks, snares, classic electronic tones, cymbals, hi-hats, percussion and more. Its 50 synth waveforms cover everything from deep bass tones and vintage analog synth waves, to moving modulation timbres like sync and PWM, plus chord tones, various hits and sound effects. All sounds are fully programmable with control over pitch, amp EG, resonant filter, glide and other parameters. There's also 192 patterns covering the latest House, Hip Hop, R&B, Techno and Drum 'n' Bass styles for creating cutting edge dance tracks.

  • Intuitive & easy to use.
  • Motion Sequencing makes static grooves come alive.
  • Great effects for great tracks.
  • New Drive effect goes from mild to wild.
  • Pattern performance with an emphasis on realtime operation.
  • Synchronization with other ELECTRIBE models.

The Electribe series of Dance Tools defined a new standard, combining unique sound generation, pattern based programming, and intuitive knob-based interfaces. Thousands of forward-thinking musicians, DJs and producers continue to use them to create exciting and groundbreaking music.

The ELECTRIBE·MX represents a new generation of Electribes – powerful dance music products that cover everything from laying down stunning tracks to creating exhilarating live performances. The EMX-1 comes housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis. The new backlit LCD provides a wealth of information during programming or performance.

The ELECTRIBE·SX represents a new generation of Electribes – powerful dance music products that cover everything from laying down stunning tracks to creating exhilarating live performances. Both come housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis. The new backlit LCD provides a wealth of information during programming or performance.

Up to 256 patterns can be created and stored to the internal memory. You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs. To get you started, a wide assortment of patterns covering house, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, drum’n’bass, techno, trance and more come preloaded – 128 in the ELECTRIBE·SX. Using the last step function, you can easily adjust to any odd meter. Favorite patterns can be assigned to Pattern Sets for instant access. Data can be quickly saved and loaded via SmartMedia.


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The KAOSS PAD entrancer is a completely new type of video effect processor with a touch panel for fingertip control over images and sounds. By moving your finger vertically and horizontally over the X/Y pad or by tapping it, you can control different parameters simultaneously, just as if you were “performing video.” A wide range of effects can now be performed quickly and intuitively, opening new possibilities for video and musical expression.

With a compact and sophisticated-looking design, it includes a three-octave keyboard (37 note mini keyboard), eight encoders, eight sliders, and sixteen trigger pads that you can use to control your favorite soft synths, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or other musical tools such as external MIDI sound modules. It is the perfect choice for making music on the go thanks to its compact design, and it will fit into the tightest performance space.

  • A compact MIDI keyboard controller that provides 35 different controllers
  • Eight encoders and sliders, with associated LCDs
  • Sixteen trigger pads that also function as control switches
  • Assignable joystick with switch
  • Easily make control assignments from the front panel
  • Twelve preset scenes support popular sequencer software
  • MIDI IN/OUT ports, and support for bus power
  • Driver/librarian software and templates for popular software are included


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