TAMPA is a professional microphone/instrument preamp unlike any other. That’s because our design team set out to discover just why expensive tube technology sounds so good, and devise a way to land that sound at affordable solid state prices. The result is far beyond tube modeling. It’s a whole new technology called Temporal Harmonic Alignment™. TAMPA even comes with direct digital output and world-class dual optical servo compressor built-in


MobilePre USB is the perfect audio interface and preamp for your laptop recording needs. A total of three kinds of audio inputs and outputs provide maximum flexibility for any application—including two on-board microphone/instrument preamps and high-impedance instrument inputs ideal for connecting guitars and basses. MobilePre USB is completely bus-powered so you can take it anywhere you need to record and play music—including field recording and sampling expeditions with your laptop. (Of course, you can use it on the desktop as well.) And unlike many competitors, our zero-latency direct monitoring provides you with an easy and professional recording experience.

Audio Buddy

Dual Mic Preamp with Phantom Power and Direct Box
We (MAudio) created the Audio Buddy especially for computer recording. Whether you're recording vocals, guitar, or bass, the Audio Buddy will give you connectivity you need. The preamp provides phantom power for microphones that require additional power to operate. Direct Box functionality allows high impedance signals from sources such as guitars or basses recorded with optimal results.

Omni i/o

The Omni I/O is a record/playback "front end" that interfaces with the Delta 44, Delta 66 and USB Quattro digital audio interfaces. The Omni creates a system capable of adapting to many studio scenarios and providing multiple solutions, all within one desktop environment. More than simply adding mic preamps to an audio interface, the Omni I/O emulates a "split console" mixer design, making possible virtually any routing scenario. The unit contains everything needed to record mics, guitars, and keyboards, as well as monitor playback, listen on headphones, add effects, and mixdown.

DMP3 Dual Mic Preamp / Direct Box

Any professional recording engineer will tell you that quality microphone/instrument preamps are just as important as the microphones themselves. Unfortunately, the preamps found in most affordable mixers don’t do justice to the rest of your gear… and most high-quality preamps cost more than your computer. That’s why we made the affordable new DMP3.